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Infiel Rum Branco NV


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Ingredients/ labeling
Brandy from sugar cane.

Características do produto
According to the Official European Union Journal, of 13.2.2008, attachment II:
The white Rum Infiel 40° diferenciates itself by its careful elaboration process, distillation and filtration. Characterized by its gentle aroma, deep and delightfully complex. It has an intense, clear and brilliant amber color. In the nose is sublte, with a deliciously complex aroma. The taste is smooth and balanced with notes of vanilla. The end is long with a sugar cane aftertaste. You should drink it pure, on the rocks or mixed in cocktails.

Physical and Chemical Properties / Parameter
Alcoholic strength by volume: 40% Vol.
Total dry extract: 0.1 g/l.
Volatile acidity: 22 g/hl aa.
Volatile substances w/ distillation: 344 g/hl aa.
Higher Alcohols w/ distillation: 299.1 g/hl aa.

Sensory properties
It is recommended to drink pure, with ice or in cocktails. Intense, bright and clear amber color it presents itself with a smooth and deliciously complex aroma. The palate is soft with notes of vanilla and a sugar cane aftertaste.