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Infiel Rum 3 Anos 3 years


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Ingredients/ labeling
Aged brandy from sugar cane.

Características do produto
According to the Official European Union Journal of 13.2.2008, attachment II:
The Infiel brandy - 3 years 40° resulted from the combination of brandies carefully selected in their nobility and unquestionable quality and aged in wood wine barrels for 3 years.

Physical and Chemical Properties / Parameter
Alcoholic strength by volume: 40% Vol.
Total dry extract: 12.2 g/l.
Volatile acidity: 42 g/hl aa.
Volatile substances w/ distillation: 230 g/hl aa.
Higher Alcohols w/ distillation: 132 g/hl aa.

Sensory properties
It is recommended to drink pure, with ice or in cocktails. Warm amber color with reddish - brown shades, is presented with a mild aroma of sweet vanilla, molasses and soft wood notes. The palate is soft with delicate flavors of vanilla and sugar cane.