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3 in 1 set, included Cantonese, Hakka and Hokkien

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Honouring the cultural richness and diversity of the Malaysian Chinese community, Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia presents John Walker & Sons XR21 The Legacy Collection to celebrate the rich culture and heritage of the Malaysian Chinese community.

Created to honour Alexander Walker II’s knighthood from King George V, John Walker & Sons XR21 was inspired by Sir Alexander’s own handwritten notes. It was this inspiration that led Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia to introduce The Legacy Collection with the same spirit of celebrating the rich legacy of the Malaysian Chinese.

The history of Chinese in Malaysia dates far back to the 15th century where the Chinese community toiled the soils to become an integral part of the current Malaysia. Regardless of the hardships faced, the Malaysian Chinese were committed in ensuring that their dialects and culture were passed down and inherited by the new generation in shaping their unique identity over the centuries. This unique identity, impacted by the local Malaysian culture, allowed the Malaysian Chinese to create for themselves a kaleidoscope of values and beliefs, expressed and practised through their continuation of traditions, dialect, arts, craft and cuisine — in hope of sustaining their ancestry for future generations for legacy continuation.

Specially designed in partnership with local creative duo, Loka Made, The Legacy Collection features unique attributes of Malaysian Chinese clans, namely Cantonese, Hakka and Hokkien on each respective bottle design and its packaging sleeve. Through Loka Made’s compelling design interpretation and expression, the three bottles feature an extensive range of elements that are unique to each of the three clans in Malaysia.

“John Walker & Sons XR21 is created using an extremely rare 3-step blending process reserved for our most precious whiskies. It celebrates not only our rich legacy but also the old blending craft of making exceptional whiskies. The Legacy Collection showcases the same endearing spirit to celebrate and honour the rich Malaysian Chinese culture, craft and traditions.” said Rajesh Joshi,Marketing Director of Diageo Malaysia.

敬仰传统文化,包容多元共生。Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia特别推出John Walker & Sons XR21传承系列,借着一瓶历史珍酿,向马来西亚华人的多元文化及丰富传统致敬。

John Walker & Sons XR 21传承系列是为了纪念曾获英王乔治五世任命为骑士的而诞生。酿酒师在参考了 Alexander Walker 二世留下的珍贵手稿之后,耗费心血酿制而成。Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia从中深受启发,特意用以向历史久远悠长的马来西亚华人文化表达至深敬意。


传承系列是Johnnie Walker联手本地创意二人组本土幻想(Loka Made)首度合作的用心力作。它共有三款,瓶身设计及包装护套分别巧用了马来西亚华人三大籍贯的代表特性作为设计元素,呈现出客家、福建及广东各具特色的本土色彩。

Diageo Malaysia市场总监Rajesh Joshi说:“John Walker&Sons XR21采用我们专为窖藏珍稀威士忌而设、极其罕见的3步骤调配方法。它代表的不仅是我们品牌的悠久酿酒历史,同时象征着我们对威士忌古酿法的至高敬意。对于同样渊源悠长的马来西亚华人文化,John Walker&Sons XR21传承系列不仅敬仰相待,更在人文精神上相濡以沫。”